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  • A printing and packaging company offering various plastic products according to market requirements in the field of printing and packaging.

  • Established in 2003, and since then it specialized in various printing and packaging services as well as general supplies through TBZ General Supplies.

  • We work according to international policies and quality standards, using the latest printing, detailing and cutting machines and technologies in the field of printing and packaging.

  • Pioneers in high shrinkage PVC shrink wrap, produced using German, Italian and Chinese raw materials, according to the customer's quality requirements.

  • Established on an area of ​​2500 meters in the Belbeis Industrial Zone, the company enjoys its loyal customers’ trust. Clients increase every week due our well-trained team offering the highest levels of quality and international standards.



  • Aftersales service, meeting customer requirements, and following up with all requests first.

  • The company’s client base covers various fields including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, dairy production, cosmetics, adhesives and external packaging.

  • The company also keeps abreast of global developments and periodically participates in international forums and exhibitions to ensure continuous development.

  • We continue to work to ensure the satisfaction of all our valued customers.

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